Clear polythene bags

Clear polythene bags

For a multitude of uses: protection for art and furniture in storage, food packaging, box liners, packing goods in transit, stocking nuts, bolts and electonic parts, retail display, sale of goods in craft and pet shops.... and even the bag for your local fair goldfish! All the product dimensions give the open bag width followed by the bag length and finally the bag thickness.

High tensile strength bags

High tensile strength bags

Where extra bag strength or thickness reduction is required, our high tensile bags could be the answer. Using a blend of low and medium density polythene, these bags have improved strength properties compared to standard polybags.

PolyMax bags

Polymax bags - NEW

Super Strong! Ideal for any packaging where you need extra strength. Up to 25% less expensive and 66% thinner than comparable low density polythene bag. PolyMax bag offer excellent strength, good clarity and better tear resistance. Meets EU directive 2002/72/EC specifications for food contact. Compare PolyMax to Polythene Bags and Save.

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One of the most successful types of packaging is the polythene bag, or Polybag as it is often called. These are also called plastic bags or storage bags. Polythene bags come in all shapes and sizes, small bags, large bags you can even get special promotional polythene bags that can be printed with your own design or logo.

Polythene bags

There is no limit of what you can do with a polythene bag. Whenever you need to protect an item for storage or shipment, there will be a poly bag that is right for the job. Light density poly bags are a good choice for items that are not heavy and heavy density poly bags to keep your goods safe from harm, where dirt, dust and moisture are factors that may damage your goods.

The shape of the bag is also important. Flat poly bags are good for general purpose bags that are often used where a clear presentation at a low cost is desired. There are also another shapes like the wicketted poly bags and gusseted poly bags these are good for applications where the shape and style of the poly bag is vital to how it will be used. A great way to protect against moisture is the reclosable poly bag, keeping your goods safe while allowing for easy opening and closing.

Garment poly bags

Garment bag its a basic in any packing and traveling plan. It will keep you well organized and your clothes wrinkle-free no matter how many times you have to pack and unpack. Or, if you are constantly on the move, you can live right out of the bag without unpacking.

Manufactured bags

There are many polythene bag suppliers in the UK, but not all of them are able to manufacture their own bags; these companies are known as wholesale distributors wheras a company that manufactures polythene bags is known as a poly bags manufacturer. Bags can be created out of film, plain or coloured and sized to your specifications.

Most types of bag can also be printed for promotional purposes, printed carrier bags are particularly effective as this kind of marketing tool.

Biodegradable plastic bags

Less than 2% of plastic bags ever get recycled. Compostable biodegradable trash bags/liners help to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. If disposed of in a compost bin, these bags will biodegrade in as little as 30-60 days in composting conditions. All compostable biodegradable are made from corn and other annually renewable resources.

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